Something Old 3B



Hi There! How are you doing?

Me, I’m doing just great. So far on this Monday morning of mine, between my blog and washing my clothes and taking care of my kid I was told that I looked damn good. Someone wanted me to be his bride and My dear Artist wanted me to be his girlfriend. That was so damn cool, but do you know what the coolest part of all was? I didn’t jump to say yes, not even to the local guy, but where were we?

…..After I saw his face I told him. “Okay, don’t be sad. You know, the world will not end if I miss some classes and you are in luck that I don’t have any exams either otherwise I would be really mad at you, but only for a minute. You are too cute to be mad at. So let’s go back to my place. It could happened that if we go back, you could find your way home, so what do you say?” In response the little dog barked and barked and barked and he didn’t want to stop doing that. Perhaps he was trying to tell me something -I thought- but what and before I had a theory he started to run and he was taking my notebook with him too. No way I was going to let him disappeared with it. So I ran after him. He didn’t run too far and took me to the nearest park. As soon as I got there  I saw him and then he ran again. I yelled at him “where are you going?” He took me to what it seemed to be his favorite spot, it was a forgotten sandbox in front of a big tree and a cute red bench, where I sat down. After all that running I was exhausted. Then I saw him hiding my notebook in the sand, but in the process I saw something else…..

Do you have any idea what is coming next?

to be continued


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