Something Old 3e



Hi There! How are you doing?


I guess I already spent too much time on the subject of Something Old and that’s why when I finished this story I will forget all about the third post that caught my eye when I started this path, so let’s continue with the Story of Street.

…..After looking at all the things inside the sandbox; I picked them up and I put them inside my backpack. There was a story here to figure out, but I was not going to solve it standing here. I turned to Street and said. “Hey, let’s go home and have some food, are you hungry?” I started walking but I noticed that this time he was not following me, he kept still. “Street, come on, let’s go. Now you do this, couldn’t you have done this before? Street come!!! Okay, you wanna stay? Well do, I am leaving.” Immediately he started barking and barking just like before and playing with the sand with his feet. He was trying to show me something. “What is it Street? Is there something else in there?” And there it was a note that read “Follow all the clues and then you will find the clue that for sure it will be glue to you.” If this is a riddle, I’m in serious trouble. I’m really bad at them. -I thought- “Okay Street, you show me, now, can we go?” And just like that he started walking. But for some reason, calling it instinct, now it was me that didn’t want to go. I reached for my backpack and started looking for the picture of the boy…..

Is it getting interesting or what? 

to be continued


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