Something Old 3g



Hi There! How are you doing?

Mystery, destiny, my two favorite ingredients.

…..I read and read the note to figure out what it meant and then I noticed there was something different or well, not quiet not the same, but really noticeable once you see it. So the note says “There is a note, a book, a street. Change one letter from one of these three words, I wonder what would that b∂ and for what other letter you would be more ¦ikely to succeed.” So as you can see I noticed that in the clue the person who wrote was already telling me what word to pick, what letter to change and of course it told me what word would I get after making the change. The word to pick was book. The letter that I needed to change was “b” and instead of it I should have the letter “l” to make the word look. At that moment I was happy until I noticed that that, did not help me to continue with the mystery before me. Suddenly Street barked, he barked three times. “What is it Street?” -I asked- Then he barked three times again. Was he trying to say something again, -I wonder- and if he was, it must be something related with three, but what? I noticed that there were three words, but then, I thought that’s not exactly quiet right. I have 4 words. So perhaps it has to do with the word that I changed? Am I loosing it? And I think this time around my thoughts were out loud because after that last question; Street barked once…..

So, am I loosing it or not?

to be continued


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