Something Old 3i



Hi There! How are you doing?

“Hope” is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.

-Emily Dickinson

And just like Emily I do hope to finish this Story today. I am having trouble finding the end and the reason behind all this Quest. Same one that kind of looks like a Scavenger Hunt theme, doesn’t it?

…..The sentence said “Do not judge a book by its cover even though by doing it you can find some answers, you should dig deep, the surface is just one piece of the puzzle.” At this moment in time and after reading and reading, I don’t know how many times the sentence from the book, I was also analyzing every single detail from the moment I got to the sandbox until now while sitting on the bench. In fact, everything is a piece of the puzzle. -I thought- That’s why I started to take out everything from my backpack. My head starting working like this:

No one  should ever judge a book by its cover and when we say this it’s because if we do, we probably will miss something or we will see something that is not there, but it also says that if I do it; it will give me answers, well in fact says can. So maybe judge in this case is look at the cover, “isn’t that right Street?” He barked once “I’m going to take that as a yes my friend.”

The tittle of the book was “Memoirs of a Blue Scarf” so I looked at my Blue Scarf then, but nothing, no clue to continue. Suddenly inspiration happened; what if, do not judge a book by its cover, means exactly as the saying, like I have to judge the whole book, but if that is true; why it says the second part. And what about this “dig deep…..” Oh my God, I’m loosing it, I’m hungry, I need to take a break. We both do “Come on Street let’s go.” So we left, to breath another kind of air…..

One hour later I returned to the scene of the crime. I looked at the book from every angle. I went through its pages and then there it was a little glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. It happened that when I noticed the underlined words and the ones that were written over it, I forgot all about the other elements inside the book like the drawings. It seems like the owner of the book, also used it as a notebook. Then something ridiculous occurred to me, “my notebook is also a piece of this puzzle!, it is the first piece because it took me here, but where is it? Which was it? This is it” I looked page by page and there it was, a note that said.

Hi There! How are you doing? A little bit tired I guess right? Are you about to say “I had it” I hope not. Soon you will get to the end and I will tell you why I’m doing this. I am not just having fun or maybe I am, but you are too, aren’t you? Okay here you have your clue “If one book is all you see, you for sure need to dig deep, and do it before dark falls from the sky like the apple from the tree.”

Again with the dig piece, can it be that dig is in fact me digging? -I said out loud- and Street barked. Okay, dig it is, but where, “wait, let me search the book.” I looked at the first page for some reason that I don’t know and there it was, a drawing of a tree. I noticed that its leaves were falling down. I saw one falling and falling. A second later I noticed that it looked like the leaf was taken by the book’s wind from one page to the next and then it stopped on page 16th…..

I guess the end won’t happen today, perhaps tomorrow?

to be continued


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