Something Old 3j



Hi There! How are you doing?

As you can see tomorrow didn’t happen so here we are at the same place, apartment 3j.

…..On this page 16th there it was one more time a drawing of a tree, but this time there was a girl. She was sitting against the tree, she was looking at the sky and she was also wearing the blue scarf. Next to her there was a book. Suddenly I noticed the pages started to move, the whole book was flying, just like the leaf from the last drawing. So I followed it and this adventure took me to the last page.

On the last page there was another drawing of a tree, but this time around the tree was alone, but it didn’t have any leaves and there was also something written on it. “How is that I didn’t notice this before” -I said- and Street starting barking. I guess he was trying to tell me to pay attention to what was written on the tree and it said, the root of my thoughts. “Now I get why the word dig, OMG!!! It is almost night. Street please help!!” And just like that we found the following clue which was glue to a box with a key and a little airplane as key chain.

I must confess that after finding that, especially the finding of a key, this mystery came to feel to big for me. But either way I decided to read the note and it read “I told you to dig, but you didn’t want to listen and now is dark. Here it is your clue, there are three letters for you to read. In what order you should read them is your choice, but I do hope you do it in the way that was planned because if you do it would be more fun. By the way this mystery is not too big for you. You belong there!!!”

to be continued

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