Something Old 3k



Hi There! How are you doing?

I like writing to you. Do you like to read? Okay, let’s continue.

…..After reading the clue that felt kind of messy, well a little weird, but either way, it was already dark, so I picked everything up and Street and I went home. Once I got there my little fellow felt like he was already in the state of home sweet home, you know and I was a little bit curious about the letters. First the envelops said nothing, but there was a little drawing on each of the letters. One looked like it was like a big tree full of leaves, the next one had the drawing of a book and the last one the drawing of the blue scarf. The clue said that it was my choice in what order to read them, but it would be more fun if I picked the right path. For some reason I picked the one with leaves first, next I will read the one with the book and last but not least the one with the blue scarf…..

I know I’m not saying much, but I realized about some things in my last pieces of my big fat story that I need to fix, but tomorrow it would be different, I promise.

to be continued


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