Something Old 3L



Hi There! How are you doing?

As I promised I am now giving you the reading of the first letter in a very different way. Past & Present will collide.

…..I was curious about the content of the letter. After picking my choice, I read, well the one with the tree. Let me tell you how it go…..

Well in case you don’t like my voice or don’t get me or whatever, because it happens, you know; here it is the letter: 

Hello Stranger, my dear reader, how can I call you if I don’t know you or do I, I really don’t know.

How old are? I am 10 years old. By the way I am writing to you from the past. Homework as you can see. The teacher wants us to write and write so she invents all kind of writing exercises. Last time our goal was to write a letter to our future selves and now to a stranger, what would be tomorrow I really do not know. By the way, I am Nicholas but everybody calls me Nico. So how are you doing? I am doing just great, if you are curious and if you are not afraid of that ugly cat that kills those that are curious I have something to share with you, but you have to promise not to tell, do you promise? I can’t hear you, say that you promise……… Okay I will trust that you did.

I’m happy. Today is Monday and I’m happy. Last Saturday I went to a boy and girl party and we played 7 minutes in heaven and guess what, it really was.

I have heard so many stories and all of them are owed to a joke, but the joke is on them, in this case at least. I like Rebecca, everybody calls Rebel. Why I wonder. For me she is the prettiest girl in school. I really do not care that everybody else thinks otherwise, even her. I wonder if it is because of her nickname. I must confess that the first minutes felt kind of awkward, but then I don’t know on what I step on but it made a fart sound and she started to laugh. Her laugh made her looked so much beautiful and I told her. Suddenly silence and then she kissed me and I kissed her, we kissed.

I’m happy I do not care that I am the joke because of that no fart situation. She kissed me.

Xoxo, Nico



PS. An airplane has just arrived to my desk with a message that says. See you at the park by the sandbox, Rebel. She likes me!!!!!! I change my mind. I’m not happy my dear stranger, I’m super happy.

to be continued


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