Something Old 3m



Hi There! How are you doing?

Me? Well I really do not know how to feel. I guess you didn’t like me reading the story, but okay. I was just experimenting. Now, let’s continue with the story.

…..After reading the first letter, I felt in peace. I loved the fact that there was a little guy out there that could be like that and feel like that. I wonder where is he now, how old is he. I enjoyed the name of the main character, Nico. I would like to get me one of those. A little guy that sees the beauty that the mirror hides from you. Yeah! A Nico like that is hard to find. For sure if I go in his search I will find some kind of Nico that will tell me beautiful words, he will give me the stars and the moon, but just to get me into bed with him. I guess I was being too loud because suddenly Street started barking and I said “You’re right, not all men are like that, some are like this Nico. I should have faith, now let’s go to bed.”

Once I was inside my sheets I was wondering if I picked in the right order. I was excited about reading the next letter. For some reason I felt like reading again Nico’s letter and in the middle of his words I fell asleep in his arms…..

to be continued


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