Something Old 3n



Hi There! How are you doing?

I think I am getting somewhere. What do you think?

…..On the following day I woke with a great smile on my face. It was a great feeling reading that letter so I wanted right away to read the next one. First I fix myself some breakfast. I also fed Street, who was jumping all around the place and when I was finished I open the letter with the drawing of a book and here it is what I found:

Dear Friend, yes you are my friend even if you don’t know me and I will tell why. Because you are the only one that knows my seven minutes in heaven story. I was 10 then and now I am 25 and I want to share with you the secret of the sandbox. That was the place where Rebel and I met. The place where for the first time I saw a smile that went from ear to ear. The place where I was able to hold her hand and kiss her one more time. The place where we were Rebel & Nico always and forever. Sorry to say love didn’t last that long. We still are good friends, but love as partners was not really in the cards. Why? Because…. Do you really wanna know? Truth be told I really don’t know. You should ask her. She was the one who realized it. She was the one who said “it is time to say goodbye.” I really do not know how is that kept a friendship relation with her. I guess it is because I still love her. The cool thing about her is that she didn’t broke up with me on our especial spot. She broke up with me on the phone, yeah! in one phone call, I heard from her lips Happy Birthday and we should break up. Can you believe it? How in hell am I her friend? Well, she is my Rebel. Of course at the beginning I didn’t want anything to do with her and then I put myself in her shoes and after realizing that they didn’t fit I decided to start over and be her friend. She knows my secrets, I know hers and you know what, knowing that my best friend is a girl, answers almost all of the questions of what a girl wants. 


to be continued


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