Something Old 3p


baby blue scarf

Hi There! How are you doing?

They say that to solve a puzzle you need to think like two people.

Or consider this:

“If you want to find the answers to the Big Questions about your soul, you’d best begin with the Little Answers about your body.”

-George Sheehan

…..So I went to work and on my lunch break I decided to read the third and last one of the letters. I didn’t know why, but I was nervous to read it. And it said the following:

“My dear Partner in Crime. I am so glad that you are still with me after all these years. I am now 36 years old, but you, you look the same way as you looked last time we spoke. So how are you doing? Me, at this age I’m doing just fine, but yesterday was a good day for me even though it didn’t seem that way at the beginning. You see I was returning home from a job trip and I experienced everything. I felt like I was missing something at the hotel when I was already in the taxi to my way to the airport. We got stocked in traffic so for sure I was going to miss my plane, but no because it was delayed. Then I found out that I did forget something, I forgot my ticket, but I was able to buy another one. When we arrived to my City, guess what, they lost my luggage. I went to put my complain in writing and to give them the description of what they lost. So before I left the airport I decided to drink my sorrows away and there was when my day turned really good. That’s when I saw her, this beautiful creature. I cannot remember exactly what was she wearing but I do remembered that she was wearing around her hair a blue scarf. It was a faded blue scarf. You could see her beautiful black her through it. Her face didn’t say much, but I felt her sadness, perhaps she was sad of what she was reading, who really knows. I just felt that I knew her from somewhere. She felt like home at the moment I heard her voice. The bartender seemed to know her and because of that, that’s how I knew her name. Her name was Rain, very ironic because of her tears that looked like drops of water falling from her eyes. I didn’t want to forget this moment. I didn’t want to forget her so I looked inside my backpack. I looked and looked until at last I found my tools for drawing but I couldn’t find my notebook. I thought to draw her in my napkin, but it got wet by my drink. I knew I could keep her in my mind forever, but it wouldn’t be the same as having her picture. Now I was the one being sad. Suddenly out of nowhere she was the one who gave me her book to draw her and then I saw her smile. She kissed me on my chick and left me her book and inside I found a little note that read You made my day, thanks, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. See you next Friday. Even though that day came by knocking on my door; the only thing I had from her is her book and my drawing inside it. What happened? I did wonder, but I couldn’t find out, but maybe you can. Analyze the clues and find the door that you can open with the key.”

XOXO, Nico.

PS. The way to find the door is in the numbers…..

to be continued


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