Something Old 3q



Hi There! How are you doing?

To find or not to find the girl, that is the question. 

…..After reading all of the letters one more time; this part of the puzzle was not that bad. It was a piece of cake, but the problem was why? At that moment in time I was already falling for the guy. I knew that he was a fantasy on paper, but it was mine. Nico was only 10 years old but knew me from head to toe. At least that’s how my body felt when I fell asleep in his arms, in his words that time of the first letter. At this moment in time I figured out that the sandbox was the castle where all his memories were protected. The book was from her, but then became his, the letters were his love stories, the key holder is the key that will open a door. He says that the way to find the door is with the help of the numbers and those are his three different ages. The order of my reading is for sure the correct one because he grows through them just like a tree. So the numbers are the coordinates to find the door. This feels like and end but not a very happy ending for me. For some reason I felt like crying and I started doing it and then, like always, Street comes to my rescue out of nowhere bringing a napkin with him in his mouth. I guess he wanted for me to blow away my tears on it, but when I was about to do it, he started barking and barking and barking. Then I saw it; the napkin was for me, but it wasn’t for me to blow away anything. The napkin was for me to really looked at it…..

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