Something Old 3s


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Hi There! How are you doing?

Spring break is just around the corner here on my side of the land. I am getting ready to have some random activities to do with my kids, but for now let’s continue with the story.

…..I was ready to close the door behind me when I saw that Street wanted to come along too or so I thought, but no, he was bringing me something. Between his teeth he was carrying the mix tape from the sandbox. When I realized what it was I told Street I didn’t have time for that. If the mix tape is a clue it’s one that in my opinion could wait for me to get to it, but Street thought quite the contrary. “Okay, you win. Are you happy now?” I went then to the kitchen where I had an old tape recorder. This one was next to my cookie jar and I saw that my little fellow friend wanted some. “I see you want some cookies, is that right? What about some milk? Yes? Just look at you! Okay let’s grab this and this and take all to the sofa. Now let me bring the tape recorder and, well thank you. How did you know?” When I put the tape in there was some noise at the beginning and then I heard Nico’s voice. For some reason I knew that it was his and I was right as soon as I heard him say:

“Hi there partner! This is me, Nico talking to you from the past. Have I told you that I’m so glad you found me? I know it has been nuts all of these clues and Street can be a little weird at times and very stubborn, but just look at his face, you can’t help to love that little guy. I am right or am I right? By the way, sorry, I lied to you. My last letter is not all the true and nothing but the true. The lie, I mean the lies are: I’d never found out her name. She never gave me her book. I drew her on the napkin because I didn’t have anything else where to do it. My plan was to give it to her with my phone number but she left in a hurry and forgot her book in the process. I tried to go after her but it was a waste of time. At one point I really thought I imagined her. I don’t know, maybe she is just a reason for you and I to meet. What do you think? I would like to apologize for all this drama, game or whatever you call of these by sharing with you some music that I like. They could have some meaning hidden in relation with this ridiculous scavenger hunt that I got you in to. So listened to it and if you like it, please continue and if not, Street already knows his way back home.”

And before I could say anything the first song was already starting 


to be continued


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