Something Old 3t



Hi There! How are you doing?

They say love picks you. Could that be? Now let’s continue with the story.

…..I couldn’t believe he knew me so well. I couldn’t believe that all this time he was right there. On the other hand it felt cute, lovely, nuts, crazy, meant to be? Who knows. In many ways I liked all of the songs he picked for me and some I couldn’t resist get the feeling of falling in love. Right away after listening the whole mix tape I started writing mini tiny stories about each one, at least I was trying. Some inspired little thoughts here and there. And by the way now it was my turn to be in his shoes and he in mine. It was time for him to follow the clues but in my way. When I finished all of my writing and the structure of my PLAN it was too late and even though Street knew his way home I didn’t want for him to go in the dark. We all could wait for another day to start what I had in mind…..

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