Something Old 3w



Hi There! How are you doing?

Today I feel like poetry, but what is poetry? “a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion” Emotions? Yes. I feel those all the time.

…..On the following day, on international poetry day like today a conversation like no other that I had was born through whats app. Here it is how it went:

“Good morning! Did I wake you?”

“Morning! No, you didn’t. You already have the answer!!!”

“Not yet”

“So, why are you texting?”

“I have a question”

“I may have an answer”

“You are funny, just the way I like it”

“Thanks, but please, just ask me”

“Well, it is not exactly a question what I wanted to say”

“So what is it then?”

“Do you really wanna know?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t”

“Well, I really think this is just wrong”


“This that you are making me do”

“what about you?”  

“What about me?”

“You did the same”

“Yes, I know, but Street misses you!”

“Is that right?”

“Yes he does and very much!”

“Well he can come”

“Can I?”

“No, you can’t. You have a puzzle to solve”

“But he can get lost”

“No, he won’t and you know it”

“Let me come and I buy you breakfast”

“I will make you a deal”

“what deal?”

“Solve this puzzle and the game is over”

“After that, can I take you out?”

“You bet!”

“Ok. So puzzle solve”


“50 Shades of grey, isn’t that right?”

“Yes it is, but how?”

“Tell you later”

“Ok. So are you coming now?”

“In 30 minutes I’ll be there. Is that enough time?”

“Better make it 45 if you don’t mind”

“By the way are you into that?”

“Into what?”

“The red room”

“Not at all. I liked the book, but the red room is not my tune”

“Ok. See you later alligator.”

“After a while crocodile.”

to be continued


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