Something Old 3y



Hi There! How are you doing?

How is that sometimes you really do not know how to finish? Today may be the day, but first let’s continue with the story.

…..It was morning time when I saw that he tried to contact me through whats app, but in the middle of my sleep and this is what he said “Sorry, no one was at the door, but I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and loose you for good. This is the truth, the story. Please don’t laugh. In my lifetime I do also have kissed lots of frogs and as you can see nothing happen with neither one of them, but that is good because all them in a way brought me to you, but then again they kind of didn’t. The fact is Street brought me to you. They say that women are the most romantic creatures and that’s why they say that they come from Venus. They also say that they are crazy nuts sometimes because they fall for pick up lines, but what I believe is that that’s not true. They just give themselves in the idea of love. Women want to love and believe in soulmates and rainbows and I don’t see anything wrong. I admire that, they really dare to dream so I did. I created this crazy game because I wanted to see if there was a person out there able to dare to do a crazy thing, to embrace a new adventure. Someone that care for dogs. I was looking for someone that paid attention to details and last but not least; someone, that never gives up no matter how hard things get. And because I have been such a looser in the department of love I decided for Street to pick the girl. I trained him well, right? When I saw you, back then, I knew that my little fellow and I were in sink because there was something about you that I liked so much and I think in a way…” Then he sent my way the following link that in a moment I will share with you, but right away he also texted me this “perhaps it is true that we are going too fast, but what is in fact the exact motion to follow in cases like ours? But okay, I make you a deal, I let you to talk it over with the pillow, I leave you to enjoy your holiday and when you return home, let’s meet and get to know each other even though I think I already do. What do you say?” And now here the song he sent

What do you think she is going to say?

to be continued


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