Going back to my Roots


Hi There! What’s new with you?

Little did  we all know where a small click can take you.

Montsserrat here from Cancun writing to you again. Did you miss me? Because I did. Even though with all the trouble that I have by using my dear computer “Jack” I love being here. I know it has been a while since the last time I wrote in this my little corner of the cyberspace call wordpress, but I am back. Each Sunday you will see a post from me, speaking loud and clear, hoping for you to hear me out.

On my headline I asked you what’s new with you? I will give you time to decide what to tell me. In the mean time I am going to tell you what’s new with me.

Well, well. Get ready for some good, big, fat, surprising, amazing, unexpected gossip. I have told you ( I guess too many times) that I started as a writer by writing poetry. All because I wanted for this guy to notice me, to make him fall in love with me. Back then I thought that poetry was a good way to do it. He became then my first Muse. From that moment on until my second Muse arrived; it was poem after poem. Inspiration was everywhere and in every corner.

Later on Prose came to be my reason of breathing and Poetry was still around, but only when love was knocking on the door. I started then writing story after story.

Finally early this year my annoying third muse appeared in my life. His way of getting some change in my writing was by using a very cruel tactic that was to be my boyfriend and then to break up with me, but, yeah! My writing got to  another level. At least in my own language, but I’m not that bad at English, right? Okay, you tell me later. Let’s continue. On this phase of my writing Poetry started to emerge even if love was not knocking on the door. Here the secret; my dear friend Poetry knew something that was just around the corner that I didn’t know.

You already know about my Muses, but do you know my dear friend Click? (after reading this paragraph you for sure will think that I am totally nuts and maybe I am, but you can’t say that I’m like the rest and I like that) Well Click is a little small fellow, very small and thin. He likes to point to everything. If he finds something interesting; read it is not enough for him, he searches, he compares and contrasts and he likes taking me with him. Once we were here and there, we were everywhere and then he stopped, something caught his ear and his name was Jorge Eduardo , he decided that I should get to know him and I said, yeah!, why not. So we found his facebook page, his channel on youtube, what was missing was some kind of interaction. I started by noticing all of his audio posts. With him you have a little bit of everything: His voice, his looks, the way he acts, his moves and that thing that I really cannot describe. When he sings; you feel that he is singing to you and only you and that I felt it one day at the right moment and at the right time.

That day someone stood me up. I was feeling pretty blue. I heard once that music is exactly what the doctor prescribes on this particular cases and I found him. I found Jorge. It was a live video, I did not ask anything but I heard everything. For some reason; he made me smile and right away after he finished I felt like writing him. I sent him a message. I said thank you and I kind of explained why I was saying thanks, but he didn’t get it so he said: “what? You lost me” or something like that. So I wrote him again another message, but this time around I told that exact reason in shape of a story. He answered me and we exchanged a little bit of conversation. Then he said that he liked my writing, my way to communicate things. He said that he had a proposal to make, an invitation, but because he was working on his first single, he gave me then the number of Jose who would tell me everything that I needed to know. He finished saying; hope someday we can collaborate on something together. It sounded interesting, but mysterious.

So, I got in touched with Jose and the proposal was to write lyrics. Now you get what I said above; that Poetry knew something that I didn’t. Writing is my thing, my passion, my air,my all. I love Poetry with all my heart, but even though certain poems of mine were born with melody; “what in the hell do I know about lyrics?” The answer, nothing, but I felt like doing it. I told the truth. I said that that was not my thing. I love music, I even sing at times and those poems with melody do exist. I said “if you want to risk it; I’m all in.” I gave it my best, my almost everything. Certainly my enemy was “Rhyme” Who would’ve thought that rhyming is such a big deal in pop music or that it could be this hard.

Jose came to be like a mentor, my recent muse. My writing was hanging in the air, its smell was good, inspired even, but I was not Drew Barrymore from Music & Lyrics, not at all. Jose saw that I was trying, giving my best. I was there everyday. Then came out Jorge’s first single named “Go Loco” I liked it and I started playing with those two words, but I changed Loco for Crazy. In those days in my regular (English-Conversation Teaching class) I was working together with my students their reading factor. We were using a reading-listening story from Story Online call “That’s my monster” and then fiction came to town so “Go, go, go, go crazy” was born. I sent it to Jose, I texted it in fact and when he got it; he and this other guy (that I think it might have been Rigo) liked it and Jose said that they were singing it. (I wonder if it sounded the same way I sang it) That made me feel so damn good.

The conversation with Jose came to be more fluent, more like a friendship. He started sharing about his role. In the exchange of sentences I mentioned 3 sentences and he transformed those words into pop. I paid attention and suddenly I think I was writing my first song, well I believe. Jose changed some things to fit the format and the melody and of course to hear some rhyme, better rhyme in it. But still that writing had my taste.

After that I felt the energy all over my skin. I let out all of my soul and more. That more was fun, silly, entertaining  or as Jose likes to call it; very creative. I was not only trying to find inspiration and lyrics; I was starting to look for my own sound. I felt like making noise. I wanted to be noticeable. I started to like a little too much Jose’s reaction. Then Thursday came knocking on my door. Easter Thursday and guess what I was stood up again and guess who it was, my third muse, but it didn’t matter whatsoever, my fourth muse was on the other side of the line and I liked it. I got lost in translation, but I knew how to hang in there and have a conversation that lasted a whole hour.

Later on the way he texted me back and my own reading between the lines got me into trouble. Especially when he got busy with a second job. He was just starting, he was just getting ready for it, but I felt sad for no good reason. Hormones maybe. A 40th gal like me missing a 20th something like him. I felt like crying and I did and the weather was not helping at all. Then he came knocking on whatsaap and I told the truth. I heard once that “the truth will set you free” and it did. Nothing wrong with what I was feeling, but it is better to be what we are and just go with flow and see what the future has to say about us. The good thing is that after my confession the conversation didn’t change and if it is not as constant as it was at the beginning, I do not think it is related to those feelings. The music world is crazy and you have to work really hard to get there, to achieve your goal, but I’m sure they will. By the way, they (Jorge, Jose, Rigo, Oswaldo, Juan Carlos, Lorena & her group) call themselves “Estado de Arte” or State of Art. At the moment because my contact and communication has been going on with just Jose; I do not know if I can call myself part of the team, let’s say is a 50/50 situation, equation, but I like it, I love it and I do not know what would I do without it, without Jose. He is a good mentor, artist, teacher and friend. So it’s a good gossip-story right, now your turn, tell me something, anything I’m all ears. 


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