Hi There! Remember the old days?

Some want to forget; others feel like home remembering.

I used to be the kind of person that like to record stuff from the radio. You could say that was my first step as a pirate. People from my time used to call them mixtapes. There were for all kind of accasions. I had mixtapes of my favorite shows on TV. I guess I wanted to create my own images or take my actors and actresses with me on the comfort of my walkman. I had mixtapes of my favorite cartoons and all the theme songs of my favorite shows.

But the Mixtape that I remember the most was the one that I made for Edgar. He was the kind of guy that was liked by everybody, the kind of guy that might have never noticed me if it hadn’t been for that mixtape and something else.

Our story started like: We were at the library. I saw him leave the place, but he left his things so, I decided to write him something in a little note. In the note I said “Hi!You don’t know me, but I do know you. From this day forward I will try my best for you to notice me. Your secret admirer.” I left the note there and then I left the scene of the crime. Later he returned and saw and read it and started to look around. In the following days I sent him another note, a mutual friend was the one who gave him the note. In that one it said something really important, freaky (for him) and curious. It said: “If you want to get to know me; remember to wear that red t-shirt that you used to wear all the time tomorrow.” The following day came to be, but he didn’t wear it. He wore it on the next following day. I saw him walk all around campus. I wonder if he was looking for me. That was his last year at the university. So I decided to make him a mixtape. He got it by someone else’s hand. A few days after that there was going to be a party to say goodbye to his generation and it was my last chance to say: “Hey! I’m the mixtape girl” and I did and the rest is history.

So mixtapes, even though they belong in the old days, they are really important and nowadays we can have our own version of mixtape, a cyber, internet mixtape. I have one over here that I will change from time to time depending on my free time and the mood that I am in when free time comes and now just play me.6857747903_e3f404e659_o


Published by: sserrat

I'm the new black, but in color and that color is all the words that come up from inside my head. Fact: This Blog is for me to feel like a real writer. It's just like the feeling that the characters from the movie "you got mail" felt when those words appeared on the screen, that's how I feel when I clicked on P.U.B.L.I.S.H.E.D. That's just a great feeling. I can't see myself no writing in the sense of forever. Writing is magic and when you read me becomes true and when you comment starts to scream. I just love it. A place to be, to let myself go.

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