Strangers at any time


Hi There Stranger! What’s old with you?

I asked you that now because you have never answered me my what is new question; so maybe that was the wrong question.


Well they say is easier to talk to strangers, but on the other hand the World has been acting so crazy that you cannot even give you the luxury to smile at them.



Yes, exactly you should be careful not careless about who do you smile at, but are you sure you want to live in a world like that? Just yesterday I was walking towards home. I was coming from giving a conversation class. I stopped to buy some groceries and I was kind of tired, but then, suddenly a cute guy smile at me and I smiled back at him. Yeah! Why not doing it?

All of us at one point or another one we are strangers to each other. How this world is going to stop being one bad news after another one? If we don’t start being nice to people with a smile or a good morning or good afternoon or something. What do you think about that? What is your last word on the subject? Compare and contrast this post with my chapters page and check out May 26 2017.


Your comment matters; helps us grow, helps me

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