Writing as Oxigen


Hi There! How has it been this past week?

Oxigen is something we need. We cannot live without it and I feel the same about my writing or maybe it’s me, who really knows, do you know?

From the moment I found out that I had the ability of writing and then discovered my passion; I just can’t stop. Ideas pop into my head constantly. Of course sometimes I really do not know how to caught them. Sometimes my writing comes after I listen to a song or I find something new like the other day I found out that Manuel M. Ponce was the creator of the mexican birthday song call “las mañanitas” and right away I decided to write a mini poem to the guitarrist of the night. Just the other day someone said something and I took the first line and Istarted building a new poem. Nowadays this is my routine with my writing: On my facebook page; everytime that I change my profile or my cover photo, I write something. Sometimes I feel like I need to say something and I want it to last a long period of time, I want to illustrated so I write a note on my facebook page. Other times there’s a picture and its esence inspires me to write. Nowadays I’ve been writing 24 hour story in shape of capsules through whatsapp. This last one is the one that has taken me forever to finish. Sometimes I feel bad that the capsules only last 24hours, but then again is kind of cool. You find who is constant or not or who came in just to start in the middle of the story.  I am no one without my writing.

On the other hand writing is made by words and words come like in writing or like in voice like music. This time around I have been a little crazy and I have felt like singing like no one is watching. I know that fromtime to time everybody does it, but I have become obsessed and I kind of learned the song of the summer call “Despacito” and I did my version and I started sharing it.

Writing is also creation, an expression so then my soul, my spirit finds pictures and later on they become a story. If not right away; sooner or later. I guess I am a mix of creativity. I must be kinesthetic.

Do you believe that in order to write you need to read? But how to do it. Between my obligations as a Mom, Daugther and a Teacher and my need to write I find it difficult, but then of course not impossible. Just the other day I was surfing on facebook and reading. Does that count as reading? I say yes. So I was doing that when suddenly I see that one of my favorite writers is about to be live announcing her new book; her name Isabel Allende.  She talked about her book, but she also answered different kinds of questions from her audience. Too bad that she didn’t get to my question. She was promoting her book directly from Spain. Forgive the interruption in my own writing, but, do you sometimes believe that you may belong in another Country? Do not missunderstand me; I love my Country, Mexico, but without knowing it I feel like part of me belongs over there in Spain. Who knows, maybe someday. In the mean time from time to time I will participate from here with some cool people that are stablished in Barcelona and they have a Radio Show and also I my Spanish guy that lives here.

But I was chatting with you about that it was too bad that Isabel Allende didn’t get to my question and the reason why I say that is that on the following day; over here on a place call Utopia, where I go from time to time was about to have a night of letters call in spanish: “Tertulia” where they were going to talk about female writers that write novels and my question was about: “How would you start a ‘tertulia’ like this one?” Either way writing is my oxigen and I also love to read. Now I am reading the favorite character of one of my favorites writers call: “Ines del Alma mía.” So ’til next time. Keep writing and keep reading.


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