Something Old 3d



Hi There! How are you doing?

I thought one thing first but then another one. I just can’t stay still. But where were we?

…..It was in fact an old picture just like my little fellow friend. Perhaps the little boy was his owner, but where is he. So I turned to him and asked him (I know sounds crazy but I did do it) “Where is this boy?” After listening to my question, he put one of his legs over the lunch box, so I opened it and inside there it was a yellow post it that read “I hate my parents for making me move. Now I won’t be able to tell them about Street because on that place we cannot have pets. I hate them, I hate them.” After reading that, now I was the one being sad. “So, Street ha! That’s your name?” He barked, I guess he was saying yes. I figured then that Street was a homeless dog, that little boy in the picture rescued him and kept him in secret, but when was all of this, why didn’t he take him to a shelter -I wondered- I then looked around all the stuff that was kept hidden by Street in the sandbox. For sure only the lunch box and the picture belong to the boy, but what about the rest. Probably I am mistaken, but to me they do not seem to belong to the same person…..

To whom do they belong to?

to be continued


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